Andrew Morton

Managing Consultant

Andrew began his career in HR over 30 years ago when he joined the South African Air Force. He spent 4 years in “Personnel” before moving to the UK, where he worked for a subsidiary company of British Telecom called “Phonepoint”.

One his return to SA, Andrew joined the Kelmas Group of Personnel Companies (Kelly) as Recruitment Consultant and was soon promoted to Branch Manager, a position he held til ’94 when he was promoted to the newly established National Services Division.

Mid ’95 he joined FSA Contract, an HR Management Consulting firm where he worked as a Sales and Marketing Consultant with HR products.(Peromnes, Task, Peodesy HRMIS). In ’97 he started his own business, On Target Consulting, offering Recruitment services, in the IT and Financial Services space, but also HR Consulting, Training and Development Services.

In 2002 Andrew worked as Independant Consultant, aligned to newly formed Siyakha Consulting. In Oct 2004, he was offered a Directorship position at Siyakha and become the company Group Business Development Director. He held this position until 2007 when he started The HR Hub.

Andrew’s believes that without people business does not exist, and he is very successful in securing the right Talent for the right business, as result of his extensive network of HR Professionals and Executives.


Marissa Schwan

Head: HR Consulting & Advisory

A commercially focused and values driven HR Passionista with over 26 years experience in the financial services, insurance, media and consulting sectors gained in roles throughout continent of Africa.

Broad based Employee value chain experience with a proven track record of shaping and leading the strategic people agenda as well as making strategy a reality through insightful diagnostics, implementation excellence, operational rigour, extensive stakeholder management and change resilience.

Equally comfortable in fast paced changing and growing environments as well as re-structuring and turn around scenarios for organic and inorganic growth and sustainability.

She thrives in environments which require innovative, breakthrough thinking and persistence to challenge conventional ways of working and achieve exponential change.

She is passionate about the role that HR can play in enabling business success, and ultimately achieve a differentiated Multi-generational Employee Experience that will result in Customer and Shareholder value creation.

Andy Downer, MBA

International Partner 

Motivated and driven international management consultant and Global Connector of people. For over 25 years, Andy has been helping small to Fortune 500 companies grow strategically, using science-based intelligent-logic research. Its empirical work delivers the answers to questions that organizations don’t know. The  comprehensive advisory reports help clients to position, brand, evaluate, communicate and innovate. Andy is a Board member of the British American Business Council Orange County.  

Applying his innovative experience, Andy is proud to be part of the positive transformation and growth that the BABC is experiencing with partners such as the Irvine Chamber. An advocate for social impact, Andy is the Board Chair of Pure Game, a sports-based youth-development and character education not-for-profit.  Under his guidance, Pure Game has grown from 7 to 50 schools in the past 18 months.

“In the modern, networked and symbiotic world we live in, people management is less about squeezing performance from the organized few and more about curating contribution from the limitless many.”
― Gyan Nagpal, The Future Ready Organization


We  started 12 years ago as a Proudly South African Company, and over the past few years we expanded our operations across the Globe. We achieved this through collaboration with our  Global Partners in sourcing and delivering new exciting Products and Services for the HR Industry, and our team of HR Associates/Specialists that have extensive experience in delivering strategic HR projects across various countries across the African continent and in Europe and America.

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