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Consumer Science: Understanding, recruiting and retaining for growth


By Dr. Ian Cesa – CEO & President Horizon Consumer Science

Employees are consumers. They are initially drawn to a brand, represent the brand and contribute to the internal growth of the brands culture. When employees are on-boarded, they are excited and engaged. They are enthusiastic and excited to start a new journey.  They imagine how they will make a difference to their new employer and their own career. These new sets of eyes can reveal untold stories and insights that could potentially help the organization to proactively drive a positive culture, and the employee to grow within the organization.  Yet rarely do companies capitalize on these resources.

Once the employee begins, the opportunities for insight are not lost, but issues begin to arise through frustration from these unheard voices. Disengagement happens, when expression, creativity and constructive feedback are removed. There is a difference between compliance and commitment. Employees may lose respect for their leader and ultimately for the company.  When individuals do not trust and respect a leader, they start to disengage.

If a company doesn’t proactively seek opinions and or ideas from its employees, whether they are a new starter or tenured, it shows they don’t value them.  Companies and bosses frequently develop initiatives which are uninspiring and arbitrary. They’ll announce an initiative that amounts to nothing more than an easy target, something like raising sales by 20% or Increasing calls by 50%. These unfounded and non-interactive initiatives lack employee buy-in, or buy-in is seen as “another survey” which fails to drive the desired motivation and achievement.

So what is the answer?  How do companies get that iPhone moment?

In the modern world of technology, apps and hyperlinks, it is so easy for organizations to get feedback from new employees.  The complexity is not in the questions you ask, but in the logic behind the questions that are asked and the interpretation of the answers.  Ask a basic question, get a basic answer that ultimately goes nowhere.  Employees are inundated with surveys and questions that provide nothing but a feel good factor or clarification of an issue.  Valuable insight from employees and their interconnected networks are being missed.  The wrong questions are being asked.  Surveys are being completed, yet companies still “don’t know what you don’t know”.  Isn’t it time for change?

Horizon Consumer Science specializes in helping organizations grow strategically, changing what they don’t know into how they grow.  There are many “data collection” companies but there are few firms actually doing “science” – using intelligent logic to understand what we don’t know and then doing the empirical work to get the answers.  We help organizations capitalize on the strengths of their employees to proactively drive organizations to new levels.

Over the coming months Horizon will be working closely with The HR Hub to share our Global experience and help your organization reap the rewards of science based employee and consumer insight.


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