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Elevate to Greatness – The 2020 CHRO

By: Marissa Schwan – Head: HR Consulting & Advisory Services @ The HR Hub

Another year has flown by, and no matter what industry, sector, company or function you work in, you were bound to have had highs and lows along the way.

2020 marks the start of a new decade, and this could mean great opportunities for your company, and your employees but you need to be prepared for these challenges, and have a more pro-active approach to what may come.

In the last decade we have seen mayor changes in the digital, governance and talent landscapes for companies, but we are also excited about the opportunities these changes might bring.

At The HR Hub we strongly believe that without good people you have no business. This means that the traditional role of HR as a transactional function, is not going to be enough to elevate your business to the next level.

As a result the role of the HR professional has changed dramatically over the last decade, and that evolution will continue as machines and technology replace tasks once performed by humans. But this does not mean that people and the HR professionals that work with them are any less important. The most efficient and impactful HR Leaders think differently and bigger. They have to be tech savvy and agile enough to deal with the VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) work environment. We call this the 2020 CHRO.

The role of a 2020 CHRO is now one of the most important in any company. The scope of this role is not only changing and expanding, but also getting its due recognition and appreciation from the rest of the C-suite. The 2020 CHRO must partner with c-suite colleagues in paving the way for sustainable strategic growth across decisions relating to all aspects of the Employee Experience lifecycle and touchpoints. They also need to constantly develop themselves and use their knowledge to keep their companies competitive.

A 2020 CHRO also needs to offer their input and insights on high level business guidance and leadership on defining the very future of work, but this means they need to have a strong business understanding. This will help the company to transition from traditional, rigid systems to new agile organizational structures and more innovative ways of working.  This also requires a   refocus and re-design of leadership development around change itself in order to produce agile leaders.

The 2020 CHRO will develop a “mindful” culture to embrace change and drive high performance in a multi-generational employee population where flexibility and adaptability are easier for some than others.

The 2020 CHRO also understands the importance of a strong focus on Strategic workforce planning that requires a process within your organization that proactively anticipates current and future hiring needs. This will ensure your organization has the resources needed to meet its business goals.

2020 CHRO’s will also be able to cultivate a compelling employer brand from the inside out and the outside in with a strong marketing orientation, aligning all aspects of the organization around a strong purpose to drive engagement and inclusion as a key focus.  This would involve designing specific programs and strategies to ensure an engaged workplace, happy employees, reward strategies that attract and retain talent and ensuring there is inclusion in every sense.

The 2020 CHRO can bridge the gap between the digital and the human and suggest strategies to help achieve a balance for the future of work. They are the HR leaders who will initiate and sustain the right conversations with other business leaders to carve out an innovative and intelligent path for a promising future that will secure growth and sustainability.

We believe that the 2020 CHRO will become one of the most sought-out professions in the workplace, and we can envision a future where all HR professionals no longer try and keep track of global HR trends, but they have the ability to position themselves as the thought leaders at the centre of the exponential change that will create a brighter future for their companies.

If you’re interested in further discussing the role of the 2020 CHRO and the work that we do in this space, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to you asap to set up an appointment.

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