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Support through Retrenchment – The Business Imperative.

Change is the only constant in life” – spoken by Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher born in 535 BC.

Yet this quote still resonates today, as change remains the norm in our daily lives and in our tumultuous economic climate. We live in a world of instant gratification, where information is immediately available with a touch of our fingertips, and where brand loyalty is an ever-changing notion. Companies are continuously challenged to rethink their brand, their strategies, their operations and their workforce requirements in order to remain sustainable, competitive and attractive to all stakeholders.

During the past year, we have experienced significant ongoing downsizing and restructuring across all industries within South Africa. It is anticipated that the average South African will be directly or indirectly affected by retrenchment at least 3 times before the age of 40. With an ever-increasing unemployment rate, this paints a bleak portrait for persons needing to re-enter the job market after a retrenchment. Yet research has proven that the manner in which companies implement such a process can have a significant impact on their employees’ ability to re-enter the market as well as their brand positioning moving forward.

The Siyakha Outplacement process is designed to support the organisation, management and all employees affected by a restructuring process, through the provision of targeted and adaptable solutions, geared towards the unique requirements of each group.

  • Management:

Harvard Business Review estimates that over 70% of managers are suffering from severe burnout before the first retrenchment has become effective. Hit with a double shot, managers are generally expected to drive the retrenchment process in their portfolios to conclusion, whilst ensuring that the remaining employees remain engaged and productive. In spite of this tall order managers frequently receive the least support during such a process. It is a business imperative that managers remain supported throughout this process and are coached on how to effectively manage the change within their teams. Siyakha achieves this through individual engagement and through workshops with the management teams.

  • Survivors:

Employees that remain after a retrenchment are expected to move on quickly – adapt, adjust and remain productive! However, such employees are frequently plagued by doubt and guilt, with an overarching feeling of fear as to whether the retrenchments are really over and when their turn will come. To ensure continued productivity, management needs to take focused measures to assist their remaining employees in working through this process, finding renewed focus and remaining engaged and productive. Siyakha assists in equipping both management and the remaining employees with the required skills to adapt to change and build internal resilience as well as the practical efforts to ensure that the business processes are remapped and realigned to the newly scaled workforce.

  • Exiting employees:

Retrenchment is a traumatic experience and anyone experiencing this trauma moves through a grief cycle consisting of various emotional phases, moving from denial to anger, then resistance, before finally concluding in a solution seeking and acceptance phase. The Siyakha programme is designed to move individuals through this cycle as quickly as possible, enabling them to move forward towards ongoing success and sustainability. The programme is geared towards each individuals’ needs, however, focuses strongly on individual engagement sessions, career and CV coaching, financial wellness coaching and entrepreneurial coaching.

At its core the Siyakha Outplacement programme is about supporting all the stakeholders through this traumatic process and working with them to change a negative process into a constructive experience.

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