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Does your Management Team give 100%?

I recently came across a summary of a new book by Mark Murphy and the title caught my eye – “Hundred Percenters”. Hundred Percenters are those employees who give 100% commitment, energy and motivation to their jobs. Hundred percenters make things happen, go the extra mile, have the best interests of the organisation and its clients at heart and they do not make excuses for poor performance.

How many Hundred Percenters are out there? 

I wondered, “How many hundred percenters there are out there? How do you know when you have a hundred percenter? Where and how can we go about recruiting hundred percenters? I wonder what the going rate for a hundred percenter is, because I am sure that if we are able to find them and bring them into our organisations, then surely we are set for success?”

A while later I got to wondering how many hundred percenter leaders there are out there? People who are examples of commitment, dedication, passion and productivity to their team members and what is the relationship between hundred percenter leaders and hundred percenters?

Most employees (over 72% surveyed) said that they do not give 100% at work. Murphy says in his book that in order to improve, these people need leaders who both challenge them and connect with them: “100% Leaders.”

If you do not have many hundred percenters in your team or organisation, is it a sign that you do not have 100% Leaders? Does the number of hundred perecenters increase as the number of 100% Leaders increases? After considering this for a week or two, I have decided that without 100% Leaders, we will never have enough hundred percenters to create and maintain a hundred percenter culture.

Creating a Culture of Hundred Percenters 

The way to create a culture of “Hundred Percenters,” according to Murphy is to promote, praise and reward excellence. He suggests that 100% leaders should do the following: set “HARD – heartfelt, animated, required, difficult – goals” that push their people; invite their staff to partner with them to eliminate mistakes; avoid blaming and communicate openly and honestly without attacking or threatening their people; identify people’s “tugs,” or motivators, and their “shoves,” the de-motivators that might “shove them out the door”; and tell talented people with bad attitudes to fix their frame of mind or leave, even if they’re great in every other way.

Until the last point, I was a little concerned that Murphy might be one of those leadership thinkers who is so busy focusing on the positive that they conveniently forget that there are any negative elements to be addressed. These leaders live in a world of building on strengths and moving people to where they are more comfortable etc without dealing with the difficult issues. But no, he does include dealing with people who threaten the creation of a hundred percent culture – Bravo!!!

Train Your Leaders to be 100% Leaders

Of Murphy’s 10 Lessons to Create a 100% Culture, I think that # 5 is key as it influences the other nine elements and that is # 5 “Train your leaders to be 100% Leaders” – Provide comprehensive training, continuing education and routine professional development.”

Excellent and effective leadership and management is learned, and anyone who sets their heart and mind on being a 100% Leader, can become one. But education, dedication, commitment and concern for others are not enough to enable the achievement of this challenging goal. 100% Leaders and managers need a broad range of self-management, one-to-one leadership and team and organisational leadership competencies in order to be effective managers and leaders. They need to develop their own emotional intelligence, enhance and improve their communication, interpersonal, leadership and performance management skills and effectiveness.

Become a 100% Leader 

So what should people and companies focus on to become 100% Leaders and create hundred percent cultures? We must select and implement relevant, practical learning programmes that are structured to enable our managers and leaders to develop and entrench the required leadership skills.

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